Web Design HAHA
I love web design....but is it not a (funny ass craft/ business) weird thing to do for a living????
Friday, November 17, 2006
I was wandering around my local (prices to expensive for me even to think about) bookstore. When I came across a book on blogging. Now I know that books on blogging exist, I even own one. I was on blogging & business, I had to do some report on business in English class. So i tryed to bs why every business needs a blog.

Any way this book was on a different subject. This one is on ideas. What Ideas? If you need to buy a book on blogging ideas, well you proberbly shoudn't have a blog. I love when you pick up a book like that & it says tell them something about your personal life that only you would know. OK... here goes at 7:45am I had a bowel movement!

I told myself when I started this wondeful blog that it would be a useful tool. Talk to people about Web design get some answers, answer some questions. You know a real tool for cheap ass wanna be's like me!

hahahah HA!

This is the first post in months. blah every time I get a observation about Web deign I figure that either A: nobody cares about my worthless opinion or be somebody smarter then me has already took a worth while stand on the subject almost 2 years ago......
So you know what....f-it. Me & my bad grammer are changin over my autumn leafs and try to post somethin...(YAH RIGHT)
Friday, March 24, 2006
Another worthless observation.....

Why use a font no one else does? I have been going to alot of sites that ask me to upload and temporariy install a font. WHY? is the current fonts out there not exciting for you people? I can only speak for myself, but I just leave the site. Aren't you affraid of more people doin this?
Friday, February 03, 2006

Did, have, or does anybody out there get a job by comment how awful a Website is?
I work for a car dealer. We are bombarded with people who go on our Website complain about it then try to sociatate a job. So I go to their site... & guess what it is? Some Template! Canned graphics fill in the blank sentences. We use a company which forces us to use their templates. I'm not trading template for template.

Now back to my original thought..... Does that style of marketing work?
I would never do that... Maybe that's why I'm still hungry? Oh well.....
Monday, December 05, 2005
Well I guess I finally changed by blogg. But in true whimp fashion I used A template builder. Really cool and easy to use. For all you budding artists. Why code all this damn css when u can find someone or something to do it for you? :-)

Templates do handcuff you a bit. I wanted my blog to sort of look like my web page http://karlsweb.info ,but I aslo wanted a suttle difference. Well I am as suttle as a brick! I used the template build because of all the blogger programming mumbo jumbo I would have to pick & choose if I didn't. Then I run the major chance of screwing it all up & not getting any of it to work. So I took the easy way out....& you could to...Link is at the left...4th group 1st link psycho.

That's all thanks for reading, KK.
Saturday, December 03, 2005

Please visit the 14 asphalt modified & Bachman Racing team at www.bachmanracing.com
Thursday, December 01, 2005
I have no advertising budget.....

I have clients that like my work.....Some have even stood up for me in a fight
(that's another discussion)

But I really found the reason I suck...uumm... wait....ummm yah memory

Today I tried to do some work on my so called site. IT'S NOT THERE

I was smart enough to re up my domain when it went kaput in Oct.......just not my domain space! DOH

Which went dead November 19th...it's December 1st....what an eagle eye!!

So.....well atleast I have my blog......{click}

please deposit $50000,0000.00 for another month of bloggggin!

Oh well Hopefully i'll get some $$ & buy some hosting( I sell cheap hosting-& I can't afford it)
In second thought i'll just list my portfolio(if thats what you want to call it) here.
That would look and be lazy... I feel at home aaaahhhhhhh
Friday, November 11, 2005
Need css navigation?: http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/index.htm

Need css templates?: http://www.ssi-developer.net/main/templates/

I think these are a couple of sites that need to be bookmarked. (but what do I know)
I love web design! I always wished I had some formal training. Now that I do have some ( Associate's Degree) training my question is why? I think the training did was open me up to more second guessing. I have more tools or ways to build things. So more questions. I'm rebuilding my site. I want a change. Everybody tells me to use a template. BAM!! quick and easy. I want the site to be me.... I don't care if I pick ugly colors atleast I picked them. Or I decided where I wanted my links. Do I want ASP, PHP or even Coldfusion? Do I want to show my lack of talent and make the thing in flash? So all these questions eat at me. I get more confused and more pissed off that a 5hr project has just became 2 months....
So I'm back a square one. A regular static HTML page....screw it I like it maybe some one else will to....